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Hello doll lovers! This blog was created to tell you about dolls I have made and classes I teach on doll making at Attic Window Quilt Shop in Comstock Park, Michigan (a suburb of Grand Rapids). My goal in teaching is to pass on the love of making heirloom quality dolls. Most of the dolls I make (and hold classes for) are designed by Gail Wilson - visit her website at . Page down my blog for some fun doll links including antique doll sites and hard to find doll supplies.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for that time of year when you need to wrap up something special for that some one special?  It's too early to even think about it, but I don't want to find myself with so many unfinished dolls when I need them.  So TADA - announcing the week long doll bee at Attic Window Quilt Shop starting Nov 28 and going thru Dec 1, 2011. The times are 10:30 am on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  For Tuesday, we'll meet after the regular Tuesday Bee...say 1:00 pm.  The bee fee will be $5 for the entire marathon (4 days of classroom use). 
Hope to see you there!

Bring whatever doll you wish to finish during the week.  I hope to get several finished!  Including these MYO dolls that should have been finished and posted on Etsy many months ago.

On another note:  I have been looking for ways to "clean green".  I find I am allergic (or something like that) to many of the green cleaning products you find at the grocery stores.  I have been using Doctor Bronner's pepperment soap for many years and just found out that I could add some hydrogen peroxide to clean a spot on the carpet.  This spot has been a thorn in my side for many years!  Even the professional carpet cleaners couldn't get it....but good old Dr B and the hydrogen peroxide got it right out.  I used the food grade stuff diluted down to disinfect my counter top and had a bit left over, so I added the soap and used the rest on the carper.  Awesome stuff.  Here's the link that gave me the idea:  It's an enviromentaly safe cleaner that I plan on using a lot more.

While I am cleaning the kitchen, you go have some doll fun - so at least one of us has some fun today - Julie

PS - I found that the magic bullet glasses that I never use make a wonderfull shaker (use the lid with the larger holes) for my new green scour powder - borax. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dixie Redmond's Izannah

Are you thinking you might like to try your hand at an Izannah Walker style doll?  Besides my Gail Wilson Izannah's I have three Dixie Redmond dolls in the works.  They are still in the pre-sculpt stage, but hopefully soon I will get them going again. 

Here is the link for Dixie's workshop e-pattern. I hope you'll give it a try, it is loads of fun with this group.  Lots of talented doll makers in that forum, so be sure to join in to see the pictures and read the discussion threads.

hmmm, maybe Santa should make a few of these dolls! 

Have some doll fun today (you have that extra hour) - Julie

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